Get Lost in Hundreds of SEO advice ?

You are trying to build a niche site, right ?

You’ve already known that SEO and Marketing are 2 most important task while build business online.

And you don’t have enough money to hire or build a PBN (Private Blog Network).

Then you decided to Do It Yourself.

And you also get lost in hundreds SEO advice from dozens website.

If all correct, now it’s time to do it in a new and actionable way, totally White Hat SEO.

Stop the Grey or Black techniques. You spam Google, sooner or later you get caught. Especially with 2016 Google algorithm update.

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Do you wonder why do I build this blog? Because I believe helping others is helping myself. In brief, I believe in “Cause and Affect”. And this blog is like a diary during my process. I just need to jot down what really work and post it here.

It’s easy to me. But with many inexperienced beginners, they may try and fail many times or even quit before getting any result. I knew it because I have experienced this before.

So, doing a few simple steps to help people. Why not?

Hope these guide useful for you. 😀

Ps: You also see reviews that included affiliate links. While doing white hat SEO, we need some tool. So I review FREE internet marketing tools and similar Paid Tools also. You can buy from my site if you find my reviews useful. Or you any site that you want.